jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

DIY bracelet

                      You need:
                      45 cm of chain aprox
                       1 m of leather strip
                     First you need cut the chain in 3 pieces, 2 of them (13 cm.aprox) and the big one
                     to go on the middle (15 cm. aprox) then  take the leather strip and introduce it through
                     the chain.
                     Second, pass the strips into the middle chain both sides.
                      You have both sides of strip in the middle chain
                      Then go through the secon chain and repeat

                      You will have something more less like a braid

                     The beginning it may be a little tricky but once you get it, it is very easy, just try !!
                      You can have in all the colours you like I am sure  you will love it.
                      This is the result you have a beautiful chain bracelet and the best is that you make the effort
                       to do it!! Great!  Happy DIY

           Thank you for reading !!

3 comentarios:

  1. Me encantó! ojalá tuviera esa destreza para las manualidades. Saludos :)


  2. wow I like it!!! this is brilliant! I have to try it

  3. Me enantó me encantó, juro que lo haré, compre listón y cadena y no supe como hacerlo ¬¬ Gracias. Saludos =)